Promoting your panache with film

Brand Films & Campaigns

As a task force of story-telling junkies with a little business sass and a lot of gumption, we were never going to miss out on the wonders that the digital revolution has to offer. These days we cram £100K of production horse-power into our mitts on every shoot, combining the latest camera tech and with an uncanny knack for crafting strong narratives. NOTHING is more important than your story and after a decade of deconstructing client briefs and turning them into cinematic marvels, we started helping clients directly with their campaigns. We can help you with yours - It’ll be an awful lot better, and quite a bit cheaper we wager, than you're experiencing right now.. So consider us the special forces unit you call upon in times of need. It fires us up and keeps us lusty.

Timelapse, drone-flyovers, underwater shoots and site-surveying.

We do it all. In-house.

Infrastructure and Construction Filmmaking

Stu made a name for us back in 2010 regularly climbing all 306 flights of stairs at the Shard before jump lifts mercifully became a thing; and we’ve accelerated our niche catering to the construction industry ever since. This entails all sorts of outlandish requests that would be more suited to your perennial Bond outing: Dangling out of choppers shooting cityscapes, running time-lapse cameras with 24/7 remote access for years at a time, Image mapping data centres the size of Herculean football fields, as well as carrying out the regular assortment of site progress drone shoots, safety videos, compliance videos, training videos and genuinely awesome marketing films that are simply better than the rest because we like to throw cinematic production value at cranes, trains and aeroplanes just for the thrill of it.



Whether you’re a global business with a hub on 5 continents or a savvy entrepreneur with a price on your time, we can stream you, your event or your gig directly to the web with secure, private, online access for your audience. Our Livestream functionality integrates with all major supply partners including Microsoft Teams, Vimeo and Brightcove. We support full HD and 4K playback ranging from independent, single camera outputs to 8-camera broadcast productions. All of our shoots easily integrate with additional multimedia assets and presentation decks and are recorded in situ for redundancy and total peace of mind.

A sample of the upstanding folks we already make happy

A bunch of fundamentally decent human beings

Endaf Jones

There were no logos on mugs at ITD until Endaf joined, but the re-brand was just the beginning when he joined forces with Stu in 2015. When he isn't helping to lead ITD from the abyss he lives on his bike - he'll park it up anywhere. His song 'Roundabout' will tell you everything you need to know. He plays a few instruments but he could only fit a tambourine into his gym bag. He has an identically bald twin brother and has an affinity with estrella and Spanish cured meat. You can speak to him in Welsh, English or Spanish. A fo ben, bid bont.

Stuart Kershaw

Stuart set up ITD because he didn’t want to find a real job. Or live for the weekends. Unfortunately now he does both of these things. Yet somehow this ridiculous human has become our patriarch and our benevolent dictator. He holds world records, climbs Mt. Everest and runs weekend marathons for fun... but ask him to meet you further than 200m from his apartment and he’ll probably take an Uber. Stuart carries his phone around with him at, all times, like a small human permanently attached to his appendage. We think he’s working, we KNOW he’s busy, but is that emails he’s furiously swiping left or something altogether more recreational...

Sarah Allen

Before Sarah began working at In The Dark it was really just two guys drinking beer in a cupboard. Fast-forward five years and Sarah's our Head of Production. No two ways about it, Sarah is generous with her time, has a great eye for detail and is a bloody hard worker. When she’s not pouring over edits or renovating her 60 ft narrowboat with her brilliant husband; she’ll be taking their black Lab "Wolfie" for a run - except if she hasn’t had her morning coffee. Nothing happens before coffee.

Sebastian Idita

Reserved, affable, modest... just a few words that have never been used to describe Seb. A born problem-solver, he lives in constant pursuit of ‘flow’ state, whether that's in the cinema, during one of his weekend gaming frenzies, or chopping an edit down to a well-rounded, thrill-inducing two minutes thirty of corporate magic. DISCLAIMER: Seb has a severe, allergic reaction to bulls**t.

Arabella Burfitt-Dons

Arabella doesn’t sound like the rest of us. She speaks very much like someone presenting the BBC in 1950. Despite this culture shift and the multiple passports, Arabella’s love of vodka and darts was an instant hit with the home team and the more she hangs around, the more she just feels like one of the family. A different line of the family maybe. One of those distant cousin's who understood polo and knew how to use a shotgun.

Sam Fenton

They call him the Sam–urai. (No we don’t) A filmmaking sensei (his take, not ours) known for his pseudo-intellectual ramblings (something we agree on!) and penchant for niche Hungarian cinema (he once made us sit through the entire works of Bela Tarr). Sam can usually be found gliding up rock climbing walls, conquering lesser mortals in Muay thai or hitting the bullseye down at his local.

Daniel Mann

Combining a penchant for free-diving and capturing the underwater world through video & photography, Dan has operated as a self shooting, director for over six years - THAT’S RIGHT - We hired a man principally based on the fact that he can hold his breath for longer than the rest of us put together. But there’s more… He's also a qualified industrial electrician. Which is handy, when the air con breaks down. Daniel told us to write about how he adapts to any situation, that he's a jack of all trades, a great all rounder. Essentially one of those people we all want to punch in the mouth.

Laura Licata

Laura can normally be found perfecting the latest TikTok trends on her extended lunch-breaks (props and all!) or binge-watching every conceivable TV show know to human-kind once she’s back home. Occasionally Laura likes to visit the gym but mostly she prefers verbal exercise and is always happy to offer advice on the best local meal deals. Laura wrote this spiel in her typical, self-deprecating style, suffice to add she is also a dab-hand editor and all round can-do conquerer at base HQ. Not bad for someone who still needs to produce ID before the good folks at Sainsbury will sell her any wine gums.

Alex Ditsas

Alex is a NBA loving, hip hop bumping, bright-socks wearing, award-winning filmmaker who usually enters a room with way too much energy (sorry, not sorry non-morning people). He is our captain of motivation. Our champion of enthusiasm. He has somehow, mysteriously, traded the sunshine and beaches of Sydney, Australia for London and managed to remain upbeat about it - some people are just born that way.



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