"There is no point in having sharp images when you’ve fuzzy ideas"- Jean-Luc Godard

Brand Films & Campaigns

As a task force of story-telling junkies, we were never going to miss out on the wonders of the digital revolution. These days we can cram a studio's worth of production power into virtually any shoot; combining the latest camera tech and with an uncanny knack for crafting narratives. NOTHING is more important than your story and after a decade of deconstructing client briefs and turning them into cinematic marvels, we’ve begun helping clients with their campaign strategies. We can help you with yours - It’ll be an awful lot better, and quite a bit cheaper, than you're experiencing right now.  So consider us the special forces unit you call upon in times of need. It fires us up and keeps us lusty.

Timelapse, drone-flyovers, underwater shoots and site-surveying.

We do it all. In-house.

Infrastructure and Construction Filmmaking

We made a name for ourselves back in 2010, regularly scaling all 306 flights of stairs at the Shard before jump lifts were mercifully inventedand we’ve accelerated our niche catering to the construction industry ever since. This entails all sorts of outlandish requests that would be more suited to your perennial Bond outing: Dangling out of choppers shooting cityscapes, running time-lapse cameras with 24/7 remote access for years at a time. Image-mapping data centres the size of Herculean football fields, as well as the regular assortment of drone shoots, safety videos, compliance shoots, training animations and genuinely awesome promotional films that are simply better than the rest because we like to throw production value at cranes, trains and aeroplanes just for the thrill of it.


Livestream / Hybrid events

Whether you’re a global business with a hub on 5 continents or a savvy entrepreneur with a price on your time, we can stream you, your event or your gig directly to the web with secure, private, online access for your audience. Our Livestream functionality integrates with all major supply partners including Microsoft Teams, Vimeo and Brightcove. We support full HD and 4K playback ranging from independent, single camera outputs to 8-camera broadcast productions. All of our shoots easily integrate with additional multimedia assets and presentation decks and are recorded in situ for redundancy and total peace of mind.

A sample of the upstanding folks we already make happy

A bunch of decent human beings


There were no logos on the mugs at ITD before Endaf and Stu joined forces but a penchant for brand strategy was just the beginning. When he isn't guiding ITD safely from the abyss, Endaf lives on his bike in Hackney - he'll park it up anywhere. His song 'Roundabout' will tell you everything you need to know. He plays a few instruments but he could only fit a tambourine into his gym bag. He has an identically bald twin brother and an affinity for pale ales and Spanish cured meat. You can speak to him in Welsh, English or Spanish. Heb ei fai, heb ei eni.


Stuart set up ITD because he didn’t want to find a real job or live for the weekends. Unfortunately he now does both of these things. Yet somehow this ridiculous human has become our patriarch and benevolent dictator. He holds world records, climbed Mt. Everest and runs weekend marathons for fun... but ask him to meet you further than 200m from his apartment and he’ll probably take an Uber. Stuart is connected to the internet via a small implant in his brain, or he may as well be he spends so much time on his phone - We think he’s working, we KNOW he’s busy, but is that emails he’s furiously swiping left, or something altogether more recreational..?


Before Sarah began working at In The Dark it was really just two guys drinking beer in a cupboard. Fast-forward six years and Sarah's our newest director. No two ways about it, Sarah is generous with her time, has a great eye for detail and works her socks off to deliver for the team and her clients. When she’s not pouring over edits or renovating a 60 ft narrowboat, she can be seen hurtling along the canal path with her black Lab “Wolfie” in tow - Unless she's foregone her morning coffee. Nothing ever happens before that morning coffee...


Reserved, affable, modest... just a few words that have never been used to describe Seb. A born problem-solver, he lives in constant pursuit of ‘flow’ state, whether that's in the cinema, during one of his weekend gaming frenzies, or chopping an edit down to a well-rounded, thrill-inducing two minutes thirty of corporate magic. DISCLAIMER: Seb has a severe, allergic reaction to bulls**t.

Mike O'Doherty

Canadians are well known for their friendly, pragmatic approach to life and Mike is no exception. In fact, he takes this to the next level and is our Mr. Motivator at In the Dark Towers. While on a 1500 KM pilgrimage across France and Spain, Mike decided to relinquish anger entirely and despite some of our clients best attempts, no-one has undermined his efforts yet. Mike’s versatility is one of his greatest assets and when he isn't working on an edit or out on shoot, you can find him exploring Hampstead Heath, sampling the local beer, or delving into London's many markets to prepare a feast with his Italian wife - He’s also fluent, another testament to Mike’s thirst for learning.


Nav had made herself indispensable at In The Dark before we’d even asked her to interview. A people’s person to the core, co-ordinating a crew comes as natural to her as catching up over a game of darts and a gluten free beer. If Nav tells you call time is at 7am, you’ll be there because you’ll want to be there. She’s also our Business Development guru - who doesn’t want to do business with a lady who has a sports car named after herself? If only we could fit more than a couple of GoPro’s into that Mazda Sport Nav - most of us can’t even fit our legs into it!

Fred Fladholt

He was born in Denmark, he grew up in Finland, he relocated to London, England... no one really remembers where he's from but everyone knows where he's going. Fred was born to be a DoP and his attention to the principles of cinematography are a wonder to behold. Frederik is the newest addition to In the Dark and prides himself on his organisational ingenue and a keen eye behind the camera. Having worked exclusively in Film and TV since the tender age of 16, he brings every ounce of energy, experience and enthusiasm to his shoots, resulting in productions that look stunning and are a joy to collaborate on.

Alissa Autschbach

Armed with efficiency, tiptop organisational talent and a twisted sense of humour, Alissa migrated over from Germany seven years ago to conquer UK’s film world. After a degree in scriptwriting and producing and directing films, she ventured to In The Dark to join as a producer. A lover of bad puns, Alissa finds the fun part of even the hardest shoots and likes to make her clients laugh. In her spare time, she plays the piano, tries to write her novel or visits studio recordings of Would I lie to you? Her favourite word? “Absolutely!”

Alexander Merton

Alexander hails from tropical Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This can be the cause of much jealousy over Christmas because his holidays plans are inevitably more exciting than anyone else’s. An excellent artist, Alex is our go-to when a client needs a storyboard turning around fast. He also specialises in camerawork and even dabbles with the occasional edit! Alex charms us with his patient manner and the sense of palpable awe he exhibits at hitherto undiscovered wonders - like spray on sun screen.

James Sullivan

James first encountered the In The Dark team on a video shoot many moons ago while he working as a writer and journalist. Since then he’s worked as a live sound engineer, touring musician and voiceover artist. After moving into video editing, he pulled out his rolodex and dropped the gang a note. ‘Need any editing help?’ he wrote. We did, and here he is. James is known for his keen eye and the kind of stoic attitude that can only be cultivated through years spent touring the world in a small van playing music with people of 'varying temperaments'. He can wrangle a cohesive narrative from the toughest of assignments. For example, writing a bio in the third person.

Matt McCooey

It is said that nepotism sits at the heart of an empires decay. We hope this isn’t true because Matt went to university with Stuart 20yrs ago and has been hovering around the perimeter fence ever since. In true 'despotic state' form, he was originally paid in the time old blackmarket currency of fags and alcohol. Fast forward two decades and Matt is now ‘quite capable’ behind the camera. By which we mean, he prefers to let younger people carry all of the bags while he directs affairs from the rear and chats with the client. Ruefully, he is rather good at this and so a curious Entente Cordiale has ensued and the empire lingers ever on...

Dave Barrie

Dave comes to us with over 35 years of financial and accounting experience mined at some of the UK’s biggest retail and investment banks. He ensures that 'a bunch of wily creatives' with GCSE equivalent maths don’t wreak havoc with ITD’s precious finances. Business comes first goes the adage and Dave makes sure our suppliers get paid within 7 days (they like that about us) and clients stump up in a month (they don’t really mind either). Dave understands what high interest rates can do to our overheads, he remembers the last time we had an inflationary economy before most of the ITD squad were even born - And this makes Dave the secret weapon in our arsenal, synthesising spreadsheets and bringing coherence to cashflow. I’ll stop using archaic military analogies now, he’s really not that old but by God... he is wise.



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